A Printer for the Printerless

So you've ditched your printer, tossed out that eyesore, discovered your desk is heaps bigger than you thought, and saved enough money on ink to pay off your student debts.

You may have even bragged to a couple people about your new printer-free minimalist lifestyle.

And now, just when you were getting comfortable, you've gotta print something.

Yeah, we've been there too.

We Get It

Hard copy is an unfortunate reality from time to time. Not often enough to actually buy a printer - oh gosh no - but often enough that heading to the library is starting to feel a fair bit inconvenient. Not to mention downright silly for supposed-to-be-grown adults like us.

We Built Something You'll Like

InkSushi is your new printer. It's so easy it feels like magic.

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Add InkSushi as a printer on your computer - just like a real printer. Don't worry, we'll show you how.
  3. Print anything!
  4. Your printed documents get delivered straight to your home.

Yes, it's actually that easy. Try it!

Transparent, Affordable Pricing

We operate on a Subscription + Usage model. That means you pay a small monthly fee for your account. Each subscription provides you with a certain amount of printing credit so that you can print quickly whenever you need. If you want to print more than your monthly credit, it's just a few cents more per page. Subscriptions start at just a few dollars per month for casual printers like us. We'll share specific, up-to-date pricing when we send your invitation.

Good Old-Fashioned Privacy

What you print is your business. We're just here to get it to you. We have a 100% transparent business model: you pay for your InkSushi subscription and any usage fees based on how much you print. That's it. We will never collect or sell your information or data.

Request Your Invitiation

We're scaling up our print shop as fast as we can. It won't be too long before we can help more people print from home. Join the waitlist today and you'll be top of the list as invitations become available.

    We respect your privacy. We'll never share or sell your information. When we email you, it will be to tell you about InkSushi. Unsubscribe any time.